Tuesday, May 22, 2018 1:20 PM

This is a photo of the first youth MOA mentored.  Do you know Shelby had the privilege of talking to this young man several years ago.  He held onto Shelby's business card all those years.  

When we recall each family and each youth, we know it was God who orchestrated this work and each specific step of ministry.  In 1998 the vision for MOA began with sight of a secluded property where God could meet quietly and privately with His family.  Even in 1998 we could see that the place was for ministering to youth, to families, to men, to ministers; young and old; and those in church and those unfamiliar with church.  After seeking God about how do we get from where we are to that, God opened doors for us to be youth leaders at Rhinehart Christian Church.  

While serving as youth leaders both Shelby and I soon realized that we had years of experience with church youth and churched families and very little understanding of working with the lost and hurting families that we were seeing as youth leaders.  At this, we began to pray and ask God to help us to grow and understand ministering to the needs of hurting families.  This is where the Dale House Project popped up in the early (first few) years of the internet.  God made it clear by confirmation after confirmation, to our young hearts, that we were to go to Colorado Springs, CO for trainig and seminary coursework, to learn how to reach into this demographic of fatherless homes.  

It wasn’t untill after this training that Majestic Outdoor Adventures, Inc. was birthed.  Incorporated in 2003, ministry began to fatherless and at-risk youth.  

Currently, MOA has a leadership position open in the youth mentoring division.  Our last mentoring leader was offered a church leadership position.  We are still in touch and bless them in their new position.  They were a blessing to MOA for nearly 2 years.  We are seeking God for direction over the youth mentoring and the necessary steps needed.  If the Lord reminds you of this need, will you please pray with us for direction?