Current Needs

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 11:34 AM

Debris clean up is wrapping up and there are a few projects that need to be completed before we hope to host families, residential youth facilities, couples, and men / women's groups this fall.  

  • Reseed the ministry lawn 
  • Build a cinder-block wash house and outdoor pavilion  
  • Establish lodging   

We have learned that recovery from a major natural disaster, trusting God is first, using the fruit of patience is necessary, and living one day at a time is the only way to move forward. 

People have to take steps to walk in life; likewise, walking out anything in life will take steps.  The goal is for MOA to be able to host ministry by fall, but we realize steps are involved to get us to that point.  The first step is to reseed and get the land managment back under control.  Then our hope is to build a small wash house and outdoor covered pavilion for activities.  These first two steps will provide accommodations to begin lodging with camping, glamping and RV’s.  As things progress, we will be focused on establishing more permanent lodging options.  

To reseed the ministry lawn we will be buying seed, and we will need ( the use of or the ability to purchase a used seeder and roller).  This next step could be complete within a couple of weeks with all things in place and “Ready to Roll”.  The first building project will be to establish these two outdoor building, which will require expertise in the building, cinder blocks and the concrete materials.  All the plumbing and electricity is in place for these structures.  Our hope is to have these structures in place by the end of our summer months.  The goal is to begin working on lodging towards the end of summer and to have some lodging ready for early fall.