2020 and Beyond

Wednesday, July 29, 2020 12:53 PM

Majestic Outdoor Adventures, Inc. began to manage Rainbow Springs, in Dora, MO during the summer of 2015.  The M.O.A. crew spent nearly 21 months developing the property to be used for outdoor ministry, when the catastrophic flood hit.  This event was more than a set-back, but also created a redesign to how M.O.A would utilize the property for the Kingdom of God.  It has taken all of these last 3 years to clean up from the river debris, downed trees, and destroyed building to be where we are today.  

The summer of 2020 has marked the ministry for a fresh start and with hope of a bright future.  Even with all the dispear in our world today and following a national state-at-home policy for many states, we can see the value of this outdoor outreach from a whole new perspective.  Shelby and I have never doubted that God knew exactly what he was doing in establishing this organization, nor why the outdoors was the venue he spoke to our hearts about.  It is with excitement that we step into the later part of 2020 with acitivities here at the Rainbow Springs property of M.O.A.  

We believe that a greater focus of our time and ministry will not be only be youth outreach but, even more importantly, family outreach.  The whole family unit is under attack today to depths no one probably even knows, yet.  In 2017, months before the flood, the Lord had given Shelby a view of serving families.  

That understanding of future work set us to preparing camp buildings for family retreats.  The destruction of those buildings was NOT the destruction of the purposes and plans that God had originally directed us to step into.  Now, here we are 3 years later, closer to that purpose than ever.  

We have the well house in place and are now set to begin the work on the bathhouse and pavilion areas that will help to facilite our first steps to hosting families, youth, people, and other ministries.  We still plan to beginn STAGE 1 of re-establishes lodging with the “Glamping” tents and tipis and providing RV hook ups. 

We have already had requests for campsites, discussed ministers / coaches retreats, and a horse clinic to be held here on the property when the facilities are finished out.  The time is NOW and we are ready to go with new energy, a fresh outlook and a continued love for God and people.  Stay tuned for more up to date news here at our blog site.