Majestic Outdoors is the continuation of the formerly valued “AlaskaQuest River Trips”.  AlaskaQuest River Trips was established by Mr. Gary Kroll. 

In 1976 Gary Kroll moved to Alaska while in the U.S. Air Force.  After serving our country, Gary, worked as a park ranger.  It wasn’t long before Gary began one of the first rafting and resort businesses in the Denali State Park.  Being gifted in business and a natural entrepreneur, Gary worked hard and grew the rafting business into a well known success. 

In 1993, AlaskaQuest River Trips was founded and Gary began wilderness rafting trips.  Taking rafting trips to another level, Gary sought out the river that offered all five wild salmon species and accommodations for the best wilderness fishing trip experience possible.  Over the last 18 years AlaskaQuest has developed many close working relationships within and around Aniak, Alaska.  To date it has been estimated that Gary has floated well over 30,000 Alaska river miles. 

In 2003, Gary was introduced to Shelby Nold at a local sporting show.  Shelby has worked alongside Gary ever since the summer of 2003.  In 2012, both Shelby and Gary began strategic discussions about the future of the AlaskaQuest business.  Following the 2013 floating season AlaskaQuest was dissolved, and Majestic Outdoors was birthed in its place. 

All this history truly began at boyhood with the “Alaska Cousins and Brothers Club”.  Gary and his cousins and brother would look through their “Herters” catalog and pretend to outfit their alaskan adventures.  Gary is a perfect example of being born with a desire in his heart and walking out steps in life to see his dreams become reality.

Gary is and will always be AlaskaQuest Founder and Friend.  Today that dream is still alive.  Shelby Nold has continued the business Gary Kroll began in 1993 under the name Majestic Outdoors.  Book your trip today and experience for yourself what others have grown to appreciate over the years, a dream come true.