Rafting the Alaskan Wilderness
Alaskan Fishing Trips with Adventure

Specializing in guided river trips for over 37 years, under the former name AlaskaQuest.  Majestic Outdoors offers the opportunity to catch all five species of Pacific Salmon, as well as, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, and Grayling.  It is hard to beat a true wilderness fishing trip.  Flying in bush planes, river-side camping, gourmet cooking and a crackling fire, this all sets the stage for some of life’s finest moments. 

Imagine catching a Salmon on a fly, seeing a Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou, Black Bear or Wolf, while experiencing Alaska’s pristine wilderness all on the same trip. 

It’s all here in Alaska! 

We have floated a lot of rivers in Alaska and in terms of fishing, wildlife, and scenery, this one is hard to beat.  We’ll float about 70 miles of fantastic river.  Hang on as we catch chum, king, and silver salmon as well as char, grayling and wild rainbows!  Watch for moose, caribou, black bear, brown bear, eagles, fox and even wolves!  We’ve seen everything mentioned and more.  Scenery is great from mountains to river corridor birch and spruce.  This is a great Alaska experience.  Our trips depart from Aniak, Alaska. 

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