"Sadly, our society continues to be wracked by domestic problems...

●   4 in 10 American children go to bed without a father in the home. 

●   1 out of 3 of teens have been physically, abused in the home. 

●   1 out of 4 of all Americans say that drinking is a problem in their home and half of all  

     marriages this year will end in divorce." - George Gallup a.k.a. Gallup Surveys

Fatherless homes account for ...

●   63% of youth suicides

●   90% of homeless / runaway children

●   85% of children with behavior problems

●   71% of high school dropouts

●   85% of youth in prison

●   over 50% of teen mothers   -   Divorcemag.stats

“Millions of children are on their own, especially during the hours between 3 and 8 PM, prime time for young people to engage in risky behavior.” - The Kauffman Foundation, When School is Out, 2000

"Surveys reveal an unprecedented desire for religious and spiritual growth among people in all walks of life and in every region of the nation.  There is an intense searching for spiritual moorings, a hunger for God.  It is for churches to seize the moment and to direct this often vague and free-floating spirituality into a solid and lived-out faith." - George Gallup a.k.a. Gallup Surveys

●   1 out of 10 fifteen year olds and younger have gone through family divorce

●   58% have been involved in objectionable content on the web

●   47% of high schoolers are sexually active

●   By the time the average child graduates from high school, he will have watched 19,000

     hours of TV including ( 200,000+ sexual acts and 1M acts of violence)

The latest Missouri census data for our region shows:

●   42.4% of households live with low income. Within these households 12.4% are single 

     mother families with children under 18 years old.

●   The single mother families that live under poverty range from 33% to 56% in

     surrounding counties.            

●   Our constituency education averages are: 15.6% have no G.E.D., 39.8% have graduated

     from high school, and 8.72% have attained a Bachelor of  Science Degree.

In the local communities serviced by MOA not only is risky behavior prevalent, but the demographic studies support the enormous need for mentoring programs.

These statistics are reflected across our United States in similar and worse ways.  That is one reason why MOA seeks to establish other MOA Outposts across the nation.  If you are interested in other MOA Outpost opportunities please contact MOA.



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