you get the opportunity to see your adventure  help others!
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Introducing fatherless youth to the outdoors.    helping them develop the necessary skills to enjoy it, and most of all guiding them to the creator

who made it. 

Here’s How!

When you book a Majestic Outdoors trip, all of the proceeds after expenses are invested into the work of Majestic Outdoor Adventures, Inc., a non-profit organization incorporated in 2003, that mentors fatherless youth in the outdoors.  This involves one-on-one weekly mentoring with therapeutic recreation which includes developing outdoor skills. 

So your experience with Majestic Outdoors is also helping fatherless youth and less fortunate families.  The proceeds directly make a difference in a young persons (and their family’s) life.  More importantly futures are being influenced and changed for the better. 

We are confident that there is no greater thing than to see love in action by giving to those in need, and beholding the outcome of positive influence.  We have seen the return on such investments over the last 12 years of mentoring.  It is a worthy cause with lasting return. 

If you would like more information on the mentoring program click the “learn more” button below.