Fishing trips on serene / soft currents.

Hunts in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

Missouri is known for its world class Eastern Turkey, great deer hunting, plus some of the best wild trout fishing in the midwest. 

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Plan a backcountry backpacking trip to high mountain lakes and streams. 

Truly an outdoor experience the whole family could enjoy and partake in. 

An adventure like NO other.  Majestic and full of beauty.  Great fishing.  River float trips in remote areas makes this wilderness experience complete.

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Welcome to Majestic Outdoors!

Where we provide outdoor adventure services for those who are looking for guided river trips, guided backpacking trips or guided Whitetail Deer and Eastern Turkey hunts. 

Join us and become part of our ever growing outdoor family.  We look forward to sharing warm meals, good conversation, and great adventures with you!

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