Majestic Outdoor Adventures provides “one-on-one” mentoring in the setting of God’s majestic creation. Outdoor activities help break the barriers of anger, defiance, rebellion and hate. God opens the eyes of these youth to see His love and discover His unique purpose for their lives.

Outdoor programs offer a physically active way for mentors and students to relate to one another, so the emphasis is not solely on talks.  They hike, climb, bike, camp, fish, breathe fresh air, communicate, and begin to take responsibility for self-management. Recreation is one of the hardest avenues for many at-risk youth to experience and continue with due to low exposure, lack of funds, time, knowledge, and ability.  One of the goals of MOA is to expose youth to the opportunities that are right outside the door, by providing transportation, supplying the equipment, creating the time, and increasing the knowledge and ability needed to experience the great outdoors.

To develop outdoor skills

To build good relationships

To find purpose

To lead them to the ultimate guide, Jesus Christ


MOA intervenes in the lives of at-risk youth between the ages of 8 - 18.  Due to their behavior and attitudes these youth are typically rejected by their families, peers, and society.  We expose these youth to dynamic outdoor learning activities while serving the needs of their body, mind and soul.

MOA’s primary focus is not on the 99, but for the 1 hurting youth. This youth has been rejected and dismissed by teachers, peers, counselors, and other society organizations that cannot break through their disruptive lifestyle. We are possibly their last stop before entering the juvenile system. These youth are completely unreachable in a group setting; therefore we meet the unmet needs of these children through our vigorous one-on-one mentoring approach in God’s outdoor sanctuary. We are set apart by this one-on-one approach of taking these youth step by step through 4 specific life changing phases. This is what differentiates MOA from other programs:


●   MOA introduces youth to exciting and dynamic outdoor learning activities.

●   MOA works with youth that others have given up on.  


●   MOA works with youth one-on-one in an effort to build trust and integrity.

●   MOA directly benefits a youth’s body, mind, and soul.

  Program Target Areas

●   Manipulative behavior        ●   Lack of motivation

●   Relationship problems        ●   Lack of responsibility

●   Family conflict issues         ●   Poor academics

●   Esteem issues                    ●   Lack of academic goals

●   Disrespect                          ●   Drug and alcohol influences

●   Anger management            ●   Gang affiliations


General Info