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Becoming MOBILE

In 2010, we reported to our partners the good news that Majestic Outdoor Adventures, inc. was granted a $5000.00 grant for equipment and that a new used suburban had been given to the organization.  It was a good year, helping to make our equipment more complete and giving us the ability to take the equipment on the road and become more mobile in ministry. 

Since 2010 we have seen how beneficial it has been to be able to do mobile ministry, especially in the summer.  Summertime is generally a season with lighter mentoring pressure, as the youth we mentor many times are traveling to see fathers, mothers or grandparents.  The mentoring becomes more of a monthly activity rather than a weekly activity, which allows the ministry to be able to share the equipment and ministry activities with others outside our service area. 

In 2013, we began to see the need for enlarging the capabilities for mobile ministry.  Now in 2014 after much prayer, we are convinced that an upgrade is needed.  The ministry is seeking a toy-hauler style bumper pull travel trailer for the mobile ministry that God has begun. 

This will allow us to carry additional equipment to other on-site camps, retreats, and events.  Plus this would give the ministry team lodging along the way without the additional costs of motels and eating out. 

We are releasing our faith for this travel trailer and ministry tool together with others who see and have tasted the blessing of having M.O.A. be mobile.  Would you agree with us as touching this travel trailer and join with us in faith as we watch God expand this mobile side of ministry that He began years ago? 

New Used Toy Hauler

Travel Trailer

M.O.A. has budgeted nearly $15,000.00 for a new used travel trailer that will grant us greater capabilities for the mobile on-site outdoor ministry.  We believe we serve a BIG God and nothing is impossible for Him.