Discipleship Testimonials

“We have firsthand knowledge of the awesome ministry that God has in MOA.  We have seen the fruit that the ministry produces.  My sons have grown so very much due to the teaching, and mentoring of MOA.  We have a Christian home and are ministers ourselves, but both of our boys had never really “caught on fire” for God.  They had both been very hurt at a past church and while they both loved God with all of their hearts they just hadn’t made that “connection”.  They both love the outdoors and hunting, so when they hooked in with MOA it was a perfect fit.  MOA was able to reach our boys in ways that we had not been able too.  Boys don’t always need a parent to “talk” to.  They need a Godly friend and a mentor.  MOA not only game them love and God’s word.  They SHOWED them God’s love and gave them God’s word on the situations that they needed to overcome.  Both of our boys are now ministers themselves!!!”

~  Written by the mother of children enrolled in the MOA discipleship program.



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