Family Connections

How do families live culturally relevant and approachable; yet, live a lifestyle that is counter-cultural? 

Relevant = adjective = (‘relǝvǝnt)

closely connected or approapriate to the matter at hand

Coun●ter●cul●ture = noun = (‘kountǝr,kǝlCHǝr)

a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm.

In our fast paced, fast food, microwave, got to have it yesterday, social media, smart phone (in every pocket), wi-fi (on every corner), all about me (myself and I) society: how a family or individual chooses to disconnect from the world and all the distractions around it is absolutely VITAL

M.O.A. facilitates and organizes family adventures that promote togetherness, unity, love, and a renewal of mind.  This includes but is not limited to father / son backpacking excursions, family hiking trips, family canoe trips, and much more. 

God’s love and provision has given this organization not just land but the equipment to enjoy His created world.  It is our privilege and honor to organize and plan trips that families might not otherwise get to because of all the input costs to make trips like these possible for a family to enjoy together. 

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