General Info

Handicapped Trails and Bow Range

In January 2014 God directly spoke to Shelby following a time of prayer and fasting.  He gave clear directions to him to make our archery trail system handicap accessible.  This was easy to see and catch the vision of what God had planned. 

As weather permitted the trail work and the archery range improvements began.  By summer 2014, the trail was cleared, leveled, and packed.  The trail is ready for the hard pack to be set and bridges to be built. 

The next step that is ahead is getting the 3-D archery range set and in place for it’s purposes.  This will include building benches, bow hangers, and purchasing new 3-D archery targets.  Our old targets have served us well for over 10 years, and now it is time to update the targets for new ones. 

The expected completion date for the new 3-D archery range and handicap trail system is by January 2015.  This leaves a bit to finish before the cold of winter sets in, but we know God doesn’t give the command and instruction to “Go and Do” without the ability and means to accomplish all He has planned.  This project is more than able to be finished and completed by January 2015 and ready to open by February 7, 2015 for the first bow shoot of the year. 

The anticipation has built and many are looking forward to seeing what is coming, would you join with us in seeing this project be called complete and finished, RIGHT ON TIME! 

The purchase of 20-25 targets is budgeted at $10,000.00.  These targets have the potential to last 5-10 years and to be shot by hundreds of people.  Many of these people, are those who wouldn’t and don’t go to church.