MOA is purposed to increase the knowledge within the body of Christ in regards to health, exercise, nutrition, and well being, so that people can be educated in these areas.  Thus making a change in peoples lives for the betterment of reaching our individual goals in Christ effectively. People should not perish for the lack of knowledge concerning health.

Do you know what your life expectancy rate is according to the word of God?  In Genesis 6:3 God says he “will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.”  God has made our bodies to withstand life for approximately 120 years of age.  I say approximately because Jeanne Calment in 1997 was recorded as having the longest confirmed human life span in history, living 122 years and 164 days. 

Have you ever bought an item that came with a warranty that the item would last so long, with a disclaimer that describe that the warranty is only valid under certain conditions.  Or what about a car?  Cars normally come with a warranty for so many years or up to so many miles.  If you purchased a car and didn’t care for the car it likely will not run and function at it’s prime for as long as intended or built for.  A car will certainly not have peak performance if it is contaminated with bad fuels, or the wrong fuels are put into it.  Our human bodies can somewhat be likened to this example. 

Our bodies potentially can last and function for up to 120 years.  We all know we feel better when we are in good shape, good health, and good mind.  Whatever we put into our bodies and minds make a difference to our overall health.  Just like you don’t expect a car with watered down gas to operate well, we should not expect our bodies and minds to operate at prime when we continually eat and thinking poorly and in extremes.  In Psalms 91:16 God says, to those who call upon him he will satisfy them with long life and show them his salvation.

It is good and pleasing to the Lord to live long in this land and accomplish all that he has set forth for people to accomplish.  People can not accomplish the maximum if our bodies are running at 25%, 50% or 75%.  In order to do everything he has planned and purposed for our lives it will require people taking care of the bodies that he has given them and the bodies He dwells by his Spirit in. 

Prior to the gift of the Holy Spirit living with us and in us (John 14:17), God lived within the temple in the Most Holy of Holies.  The temple then was beyond our perceptions; beautiful, extravagant, and full of Glory.  He gave specific instructions to the way the temple was to be.  He was detailed about the place where he would dwell and meet with the priests.  Do we think he is any less concerned about the living temple He now dwells in? 

When we apply the basic principles of healthy living with the kingdom of God it effects how we live our lives in the fear and reverence of the Lord.  It should create an attitude of wanting to run our race well and reach the goal he has set out for each one of us - to the best of our God given abilities. 

Build awareness to how the body is affected by the mind and spirit of a person.

Help people make changes that lead to life.

See people live long and strong; meanwhile fulfilling their designed destiny. 

Assisting churches with implementing the 60 Day Health Challenge and the WE TRAIN program.

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