"Discipleship does not happen simply because a church exists.  It occurs when there is an intentional and strategic thrust to facilitate spiritual maturity.  Almost every church in our country has some type of discipleship program or set of activities.  Stunningly few churches have a church of disciples.  In a comprehensive study we conducted in 1997, we compared the beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors of believers and non-believers?  We concluded that it is difficult for non-Christians to understand Christianity since few born again individuals model a biblical faith.  To the naked eye, the thoughts and deeds (and even many of the religious beliefs) of believers are virtually indistinguishable from those of non-believers.  If we hope to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and in the nation's culture, then we must increase our intentionality, our intensity and improve our strategies." - from Growing True Disciples by George Barna


●   91% say there is NO absolute truth

●   75% of teens in America believe the central message of the Bible is "God helps those who help themselves"

●   53% believe Jesus committed sin (40% of born again teens believe Jesus committed sin)

●   The average child in an average week spends 33 hours in school, 20 hours watching TV, 15 minutes with

     parents, and the average churched child spends 1.5 hours in a religious activity.   

"Someone has to challenge people to be true disciples of Christ.  Someone has to ask the hard questions.  If we don't talk about the whole dimension of sin, repentance, grace and forgiveness, what is the faith all about?  What are we doing?" - George Gallup



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